Products & Accessories


Hollasons offer a complete and inexhaustible range of best-of-breed, best-in-class, premium, high-end, customized, entry-level, functional computer products and accessories, viz. desktops, laptops, servers, projectors, refurbished, restored, assembled, new, unused and out of support product spares.


We cater to each and every level of market segments and customer profile, ranging from corporate to the plug in and play generation. We are truly a one-source, and one-stop point for all brands in the market.

  In the Corporate segment, Hollasons deals with running products, upgradation of existing systems, replacement of spares etc. We also provide spares and upgradation of End Of Life server products with minimum lead time  
  In the PC segment, we represent top rated IT giants like Intel, HP, Toshiba ,Lenova, LG, Samsung, Transcend, Asus, Seagate, BenQ, Epson, D-Link, HCL etc., in both supply and support -  displayed in a customer-friendly ambience and a touch-and-feel experience at our  showroom in Jayanagar, Bangalore.  

In the software segment, we deal in  MS operating system and antivirus  software from Norton, Kaspersky & Quickheal.


In the enterprise segment, we offer Sun & CISCO  value-added products including phased out models like Ultra-5, Ultra-10, End-of-life, hard to find accessories like additional SDRAMs.


In the SOHO segment, we suggest branded solutions to the brand conscious and assembled packages with quality assurance to the others.


Hollasons: Where you touch, feel, see, plug in, play, experience and buy.