Finding the right PC/desktop/laptop/accessory will challenge your knowledge, and purse! So know right to buy right. At Hollasons, we believe in empowering the customer with all the right answers to all the questions you want to ask but don’t know where to find the answers:


How important is the price tag while buying a desktop?


A cheap price could also mean a “cheap” outdated product at worst, or a desktop that is not upgradable, at best. In the context of a dynamic computer industry, you could be buying into tomorrow’s junk today!


How do I know if my PC is upgradable?


Find out if it has spare memory slots, is able to handle more ram in the future, and has sufficient space for adding more parts inside with extra plugs on the main motherboard.


If the market is ever-changing, what is the ideal time frame to keep in mind while buying a computer?

  Buy a computer with a 2 year plan, and always make sure you get the best warranty in the market (like Hollasons).  
  What should my PC include mandatorily?  

At the very least, your PC should include the original operating system CD. Reputed dealers like Hollasons offer this without waiting for you to ask it!


What other things I need to consider before buying a PC?


After-sales service and the quality of service is most important. That is why it makes  sense to buy from dealers like Hollasons, who have built their business on the value of their after-sales service.

  Desktop or Laptop? Which is better?  
  It depends on your actual requirement. Don’t buy a laptop because your neighbor has one! A laptop is ideal for those who are mobile, who like to take their work to where they are (beach, bar, library, airplane, trains), who lack desk space, and who travel a lot. Desktops are ideal for high-power workstations, gaming, and for those who like to upgrade their computers bit by bit.  
  What kind of a laptop would be right for everyday work?  
  A 2.0-GHz Core 2 Duo processor would suffice for daily tasks involving word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail. It delivers a strong performance and has great battery life.  

I am looking for a laptop that will provide an ultimate multimedia experience. What are the basic specs to look out for?


You need a laptop with a quality processor. Remember to ask for the cache memory of the processor. Higher cache memory means better performance.


What about memory and how much do I need generally speaking?


Memory plays a crucial role in the speed of performance. Entry-level memory should be at least 2 GB DDR3 memory for your laptop, and higher RAMs for the operating systems.


What about hard drive space?


There should be enough amount of hard drive space to provide for storage of music, videos, high resolution photos, etc. Minimum recommended: 320 GB of storage capacity. For additional storage, you can opt for a USB hard drive, unless you want the best money can buy.


What about battery life of the laptop?


Extremely important! Never buy a laptop without taking into account the battery life, or you could end up in an embarrassing situation when your laptop shuts down at the most wrong time during a presentation!


I want to buy a Server, but I have no idea whether I should go for a Tower or Rack Server.


There are two types of Servers - Rack Servers and Tower Servers. Do not buy a rack server unless you already have a rack or have budgeted for one, since racks are on the high side, and sides and shelves for the rack add the cost.


What are the different levels of Servers available?


Servers generally come in three levels, viz. entry level, mid-range, and high-range. Entry level servers cost less, and function low, as they have slower processor, less hard drive and memory capacity. Mid- range servers can support up to 75 users and their advantages include hot plug drives, dual processor capabilities, higher levels of memory, better warranties and include management software. Higher range servers have the advantages of the mid range servers but can support much higher levels of users and performance.


Finally why should I meet all my computer requirements from Hollasons and not from others?


Hollasons have the bandwidth in terms of experience, client service, after-sales service, etc to serve you for a lifetime! We are a one-stop multi-brand PC and computer accessories dealer for new, old and refurbished spares, totally committed to delivering customer delight, each and every time.