The Hollasons’ value proposition to the customer is driven by the belief that today everyone values time, convenience, affordability, and the quality of experience. Bundling all these customer expectations and delivering customer delight is our core competence.


As a preferred corporate vendor, we offer better prices than” Distributors” for upgrades of  SUN/ CISCO/EMULEX etc mainly due to volume purchase. Also, what principals /Distributors take 4-6 weeks to deliver, we @ Hollasons present the same in 7-10 days!!


As an independent Reseller, Hollasons is actually more beneficial to transact with, compared to ‘Authorized Dealers’.An authorized dealer represents only one or two brands, whereas we offer you reliable quality products from wide ranging established companies.


An authorized dealer buys from a single source and so has limited flexibility on pricing, whereas we buy from multiple sources and so our pricing policy is not hostage to sole suppliers. An authorized dealer is constrained to be loyal to the one or two brand companies he is dealing with, whereas our sole loyalty is to you the customer.


An authorized dealer’s competence, expertise and experience could extend to the limited brands he deals with, whereas our expertise, experience and knowledge extends to multiple brand domains, and so we are in a better position to advice you on your buying decisions. We are ideally placed to suggest competing brand alternatives, in terms of price and performance.


Plus, all parts and components go through a vigorous testing regime before it is dispatched. That’s why and how we stand by each and every component we sell and offer one of the best warranties in the market.


What this means for you: Lower costs, higher quality, wider range, better buying decisions   – with the Hollasons guarantee.


Hollasons: Totally Customer-centric in everything we do.