Servers & other Enterprise Products


Hollasons offers all types of Servers on back to back basis such as from HP, IBM, Sun, etc, in addition to SERVER & REFURBISHED parts from SUN, CISCO, JUNIPER, BROCADE, EMULEX  and others. We source End of Life products whose support has been withdrawn by their respective principal and also those that are difficult to find elsewhere in the market. Upgrades for Servers  like RAMS, HARD DISKS   for HP, IBM & SUN  are available.


For any IT infrastructure driven company, Servers are their lifeblood and any disruption in their functioning will cost heavily. We appreciate the gravity of such contingencies, and offer our support to such companies and also those undertaking  AMC’s by providing timely replacements of spares & service. We also provide independent logistic support by sourcing parts worldwide and arranging to deliver locally.


Enterprise Server spares

  Hollasons is a one-source touch point for all parts and equipments for Sun servers, networking equipments, storage devices, including hard-to-find spares of Sun legacy equipments.  

Our USP (Unique Selling Proposition) concerning Enterprise Server spares and parts is the 90-day minimum Warranty we offer, which in many cases is extendable for the whole year. It is the best way to secure your investment with our high quality, refurbished Sun computer parts and components.