Desktops :  

Choose the perfect desktop PC from our bouquet of branded or assembled, new or old, and refurbished PCs. We are also with you after the buy, helping you with Installation, and After-sales service.


Sample Desktop PC Brands: HP, Compaq, Lenovo, Acer, and many more.

  Assembled Desktop PCs: Intel Core i3 , i5 , i7 systems with high range of graphic cards.  
  All-in-one PCs: Ideal for space-saving, from top brands, viz. Dell, HP, Lenovo etc.  

Gaming PCs: Perfect for gaming enthusiasts, they come with faster processors, large memory, superior graphic cards for lightning quick response time, and an excellent rendition of video content.


Refurbished PCs: For those who are price-sensitive, our top spec desktops are professionally checked and repackaged with warranty.


Fully loaded Features: Our desktop PCs are customized to your needs, and give you various options of enjoying advanced touch screen technology, high levels of interactivity and intuitiveness for home computing, very fast connectivity to WiFi networks, integrated digital TV tuner to expand your audio-visual options, and many more exciting features.

  Check out our line of all-in-ones that indulge you with fuss-free computing, every time, touch screen-enabled full HD displays, crystal clear picture and ease-of-navigation.  
  Laptops :  

For people who prefer to work on-the-go, Hollasons offer a breathtaking range of laptops, and laptop accessories, branded, assembled and refurbished. We are also a preferred and reliable source for laptop spares like motherboards, inverter cards, speakers, LCD screens which are otherwise not easily available especially for the older versions of laptops.


Browse or window shop through our varied range of entry level laptop models from 15K to Dual Core, core 2 duo and commercial laptops. For the price-sensitive consumers, we provide laptop spares like adaptors and batteries at half the price charged by principal companies!


We are proud to offer the best laptops from all the top brands including Toshiba, Sony, Packard Bell, Acer and the ever-popular Apple laptop range. Finally, if you’re on a budget, be sure to take a look at our refurbished laptops which are as good as new but with a great discount